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Where to buy Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver during Coronavirus retail restrictions

Where to buy Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver during Coronavirus retail restrictions

We know that life feels very strange and scary at the moment. We know it's tough.  We also know that our pets are extra hairy at the moment.  Shedding they shed their winter coat and making our home and lives somewhat hairier.  With so many retail shops unfortunately closing their doors for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and the guidelines to shop online as much as possible, we’d like remind you where you can buy your Vamoosh so that you can keep your pet’s bed hair-free and hygienic.

You can buy Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver at:

Pets at Home (instore and online)
B&M stores
Independent pet stores across the UK
Home Savers (Ireland only)

    Our step-by-step guide to surviving the dog hair shedding season

    Our step-by-step guide to surviving the dog hair shedding season

    Are you starting to fret that the shedding season is just around the corner (or maybe it's even started for some of your hairy housemates?) Don't fear! We've put together our step-by-step survival guide for the shedding season, based on top tips from our team at Vamoosh HQ.

    1. Make grooming your pet part of your daily routine

    dog groomingMake grooming part of your everyday life with your pet.  Giving them a very quick brush outside every day will save you loads of time spent trying to remove the hair in the house.  If you commit to doing this every day you'll most definitely see a reduction in the amount of fur round the house. What's more, your pet will definitely enjoy the daily grooming. 

    2. Use fleece blankets and throws on furniture

    bulldog hair washing machineNobody wants to leave the sofa with their bum covered in hair so if your furbabies love to get up on the sofa for snuggles, get yourself some fleecy blankets and throws for them to lie on and to protect your sofa, then chuck them (the blankets/throws!) in the laundry once a week.  Fleece is extremely hardwearing, very good value and can be washed at a really high temperature, and when you use Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver in the wash, the hair will be removed and it will turn out as good as new.   Not only that, your washing machine will be protected from the build up of hair so your subsequent washes won't be covered in fur! 

    3. Wash your pet regularly - and be careful when drying them. 

    dog hairdryerWashing your pet regularly will not only help to keep your pet's coat clean and soft, but it will also help to cut down the amount of hair around the house.  Top tip: when drying your pet, don't use a hot heat. Not only could it potentially hurt your pet, the heat will increase the likelihood of shedding.  There are some great microfibre towels out there which dry your pets quickly and effectively - and of course, if the weather is fine, let your pooch shake off outside for a few minutes to dry before you bring them back inside. 


    4. Remember, it's natural!

    Try to keep in mind that it's natural and healthy for dogs to shed their winter coat in spring (and indeed also get rid of the old and dead hair to grow a winter coat in Autumn) so try not to worry too much about the hair they leave behind.  Shedding varies depending on the breed and health of your dog.  If you are worried about excessive shedding though, please consult your vet. 

    5. Get tooled up

    There are more tools for removing pet hair than you can shake a stick at.  From swiffer tools that pick up hair from hard floors and vacuum cleaners designed for pet hair and various grooming gloves, brushes and tools.  When it comes to washing your pet's bedding, towel and blankets, Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is an absolute must to remove all that fur from your washing machine and keep the fuzz at bay.

    Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her dog's bedding in the washing machine

    Mrs Hinch uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her dog's bedding in the washing machine

    Mrs Hinch posted several stories on instagram today telling her followers how she uses Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver to wash her dog's pet bedding in the washing machine - and how she gives it a BIG thumbs up!    You can view the stories in the highlights on our instagram page, but for those of you not on social media, here's what Mrs Hinch loves about Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver. 

    "I’m just about to wash Henry’s blanket and a lot of my followers already know this but for those that don’t, this is what I use: and I have been using it for well over a year now, if not longer. So I’ll show you: 1 of these sachets dissolves pet hair in the washing machine, so it means you don’t have to scrape out the wet pet hair from the washing machine drum, the pet hair doesn’t clog up the drain or the filter. The directions and advice anyway are all on the front. But, it’s a HUGE thumbs up from me as you guys know, but for all my new followers, that’s what it is!"

    Where can I buy Vamoosh? Now at Poundstretcher stores!

    Where can I buy Vamoosh? Now at Poundstretcher stores!

    We have great news for all of you lovely Vamooshers!  Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is now available in Poundstretcher stores across the country, along with Pet Hut and Bargain Buys. 

    vamoosh now available at PoundstretcherFor a fabulous price of £3.99, why not pick up a box or two of Vamoosh the next time you're passing a Poundstretcher.  Remember to tag us online @vamooshcleans or @poundstretcher on instagram and facebook and we may feature you on our page.  


    Where is my nearest Poundstretcher?

    Find your nearest Poundstretcher, Pet Hut or Bargain Buys here



    Fluffy, hairy dogs... our top grooming tips!

    Fluffy, hairy dogs... our top grooming tips!

    Fluffy dogs are sooo great to cuddle up to but what is the best way to groom them to ensure their coat is beautiful and soft as it can be? Here are our top tips for maintaining that super-fluffy, irresistibly cuddly coat...  

    Brush regularly:

    Experts say to brush your pup every couple of days, regardless of the length of its hair. Brushing is great for your dog's coat and skin as it distributes natural oils, removes dead hair and stimulates the skin so that it's healthy.  



    As well as brushing, most fluffy pups do need regular bathing.  It's important not to bathe too often as it will dry out skin and strip natural oils, but every 2-4 months should be fine. Remember to use a dog-friendly shampoo  

    Looking after their paws

    Dogs are on their paws the whole day - both inside and out, so it's really important to look after their feet.  Trimming their dog hair around their paws helps to stop dirt, debris and other items getting caught in their feet.  All you need to do is trim the hair that grows over their foot and around their paw pad - don't attempt to trim between the toes. 

    Looking after teeth:

    dog teethKeeping on top of your dog's teeth with eliminate extra vet visits and expenses.  Dogs can suffer from the same dental issues as we do (such as cavities, tartar and gum disease) so it's important to clean their teeth 2 or 3 times a week. You can buy special doggy toothbrushes and tooth past to make your job easier (don't use toothpaste though as it will upset your dog's stomach)

    Keep it happy and positive - and get help when you need it!

    Make sure that you keep grooming a nice, happy experience for your dog so that you both enjoy it.  Reward your dog when he/she's done well with extra cuddles or a treat.   However, don't be afraid to enlist the help of a professional groomer when needed - sometimes your dog will need that little extra bit of care just as us humans do!

    And for when hair gets around the house...

    Having hair around the house it part and parcel of owning a hairy, fluffy dog, however there are ways to keep on top of it, and grooming regularly will help to reduce the amount of hair around the house.  Another, is of course to wash your dog's hairy pet bedding with Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver :) 





    12 Days of Vamoosh! Christmas Giveaway!

    12 Days of Vamoosh! Christmas Giveaway!

    HO! HO! HO! Christmas is nearly here, and what better way to celebrate than a 12 Days of Christmas Vamoosh Giveaway! 

    For 12 consecutive days this December, starting on the 1st December, we will be gifting a box of Vamoosh to a lucky winner selected at random. (So that's 12 chances to be a winner!)

    How to enter: 


    1) Like and follow @vamooshcleans (on either instagram or facebook)

    2) In the comments section on the daily Christmas Giveaway post, simply answer the question AND tag at least 2 of your friends.

    A winner will be selected at random each day and announced on our facebook and instagram pages. 

    Ts & Cs:

    • Over 18s only
    • UK residents only
    • No cash equivalient
    • Prize is 1 box of Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver (containing 3 sachets)